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About us

Taxi Service
Taxi & Mini Bus Services, Paleochora Crete
Taxi Service in Paleochora, Chania, Crete, has been active for many years in the field of taxi transport and is addressed to all those who are looking for quality, comfort, consistency and safety in your personal and professional travel throughout Crete. Furthermore, we offer you the option of a modern and comfortable mini bus of 11 seats, for transporting people and groups, all over Crete.
We offer you a wide range of professional transport services at the best price. If you are after a professional and luxury experience, please contact us.
Special taxi transfers in Crete, starts here
Our staff offers you a great driving experience and luxury vehicles to enjoy each transfer in comfort and always on time.
Success is based on 6 paremeters:
 100% Customer Satisfaction Based on 24/7 Availability
 Discreet transfer
 Multilingual support
Special conditions are not a problem and we can cope 100%.

Οur flee is perfectly maintained and feature air conditioning system and a child seat if needed. 


You can count on us
We are always ready to serve you wherever you are.
Just pick a destination...